Mummy made food vs pre packaged food

I’m very proud of the fact that child A will eat almost everything and would rather have fruit than chocolate. I have no idea how we have achieved this as I’m an incredibly fussy eater and wouldn’t give him certain foods because they creep me out! So how he ended up being such a good eater is probably down to H’s dna and the nursery. Because of this when it came to weening child B a month ago, we decided to use the same method as for child A. This involves starting at 5 months with baby rice and moving through to porridge and fruit and veg puree and then by 6 months going to baby led weening. Now we only decided to start at 5 months because we thought going from only milk to food overnight would tax his little digestion too much and that we’d try a few more subtle things first. We moved the baby rice to dinner when we realised that he slept better at night having a fuller tummy. But when he hit 5.5 months I got out my blender and made a few purees of carrot, carrot and parsnip and potatoe. Now it wasn’t a huge amount of effort to make these purees but I felt good for doing them. I felt like one of those perfect mums you see pictures of in magazines and on Facebook. The fact that my best friend was holding child B to keep him happy and child A was kept occupied with a fireman sam dvd is besides the point! That evening we tried the carrot and he was not impressed and promptly threw up the small amount he’d ingested. Carrot and parsnip went the same way. The potatoe started off ok but he wasn’t too keen on it so barely touched it. Fearing i had a fussy child on my hands, we decided to try some packaged pouches to give him some other flavours without having to spend a fortune buying huge amounts of veg that weren’t going to get eaten and were less effort. I wish I hadn’t bothered with making my own at all. Although he’s not been as keen on a few as others, they’ve gone down better than the ones I made.


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