How much ipad is too much?

After one of the worst nights of being a parent where I was woken numerous times by not only the children and H’s snoring but by the smoke alarm deciding to run out of battery at 2.20am, I have resorted to putting child A in the bed next to me with the ipad and child B in the cot so I can get some rest.
I am lucky that I have grandparents who take child A one day a week which happens to be today but he is still watching the ipad as we wait for him to be collected. He has mounted up a total watch of over 2.5 hrs of nursery rhymes and silly songs with the odd episode of peppa pig. But is this too much?
When I only had child A and before the nightmare pregnancy of child B, I was proud of the fact that my child never watched tv and didn’t know what “in the night garden” was and now he’s sat on the floor of the lounge glued to the ipad. This is one of the many things that contribute to my feelings of being a failure as a mummy. But am I? Although I’m currently on maternity leave, looking after children is hard work and a full time job! (I now have so much respect for stay at home mummies! I couldn’t do it!) So when exactly am I supposed to do the five loads of washing and the washing up let alone clean the house without the help of the ipad babysitter? If it occupies child A for half an hour so I can make a dent in the masses of washing that seemed to appear overnight, what’s the harm? And how is it any different to sesame street? I’m not advocating using the TV or ipad to do all the entertainment all day for you, but when you’re shattered and need a short break or just need to get a wash on so you have clean knickers, is it really so bad?


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