Hello world!

The 3am feed is a very lonely time. It’s usually incredibly quiet (even if you live on a main road) and you feel that you are the only one awake!

Whether or not your child has slept through from the day they were born, at some point, whether because they are ill or had a nightmare, you will have been awake at 3am. Now for some reason this tends to be when I think about the world and what a terrible mummy I think I am, whilst cursing my child for a) waking me and b) deciding to have the longest feed ever, even if in reality it is only 10min long which is usually the case. I have decided therefore to make a note of some of these musings in he hope of settling my brain, providing some entertainment/reading matter for those who are also awake, some thoughts that may provide comfort to other mummies or daddies and hopefully preventing me from going any more insane!

I have two gorgeous little boys who I adore but who also, by the end of the day, have me pulling my hair out. The eldest is an incredibly intelligent 2yr old who likes to be ahead at everything and the youngest is my gorgeous bundle of squidge who is only 5 months and only just starting to show his personality. For the purposes of this blog they will be child A and child B with my husband being H. I know a lot of other sites have acronyms but I could never get the hang of them so for ease I am creating my own.

These blogs will just be a collection of my thoughts and opinions and whilst you may not agree with them all, I hope they will show some struggling parents that they are not alone and that other people feel the same way. I also hope to perhaps say out loud (so to speak) those things that some people (including myself) feel that they can’t say to anyone or anywhere else. I hope you enjoy these ramblings and feel free to comment and suggest things but please be gentle as I am very sensitive due to sleep deprivation!


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